Vanessa Gurrola

I am blessed to have run into Elmira on Instagram, she did powder brows on my eyebrows about 6 weeks ago and I could not be happier. When I came in to have the service done I was very nervous, but Elmira’s expertise put my mind at ease. She gave me some suggestions as to making my eyebrows a little longer than they were (to open me eye up) and a little darker (enhance eye color) I was hesitant at first but agreed. Her advice was spot on it was a minor tuning I did not know I needed. I went to dinner and my friends kept complementing me saying I looked really great and they could not pin point what exactly was different but I just looked enhanced and renewed. My girlfriend laughed and said I looked like I was walking around with a filter on. The bottom line is without Elmira went above and beyond my expectations for my eyebrows and I can not thank her enough. Our next step is to smooth out my crows feet around my eye and treat some hyperpigmentation on my left side of my face which happens a lot in LA because we Commute.

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