Roshanak Gh

I had problematic skin growing up. I had a lot of acne on my back, which I picked at all the time, causing potholes, discoloration and scars all over my back. I never felt comfortable exposing my back because of it. I did two peels with Elmira and all the discoloration, potholes and scars have decreased significantly. It’s unbelievable! I never thought I could feel comfortable exposing my back but her treatments have proven otherwise. What I like most is she does natural peels without any harsh chemicals, and it has worked wonders on my skin. She’s given me new hope for my skin and confidence to show my back after many years of believing it wouldn’t be possible. If you have scars and feel insecure about your skin, this is the place to go. She’s professional and knows what’s she’s doing. I can’t recommend her enough! You will walk away with renewed confidence!

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