The Importance of Proper Post Peel Core
Undergoing an herbal peel provides a greater level of correction and results, however if proper post-treatment instructions are not followed, and prescribed post peel products are not used, complications may occur. Most complications can be avoided by diligent compliance, prescribed product use, and completing post-treatment care instructions exactly as instructed. Potential side effects for improper post-treatment care may include: redness, swelling, burning, rash, hyperpigmentation, acne, prolonged peeling, or absence of peeling.


• Skin may feel hot for a few hours after the procedure.
• Slight swelling may occur.
• Skin may be more red than usual for 2 to 3 days.
• Slight discomfort or soreness may be experienced the day of
the treatment.
• Tightness and dehydration similar to sunburn will be felt for 2 – 5 days.
• Dead skin may darken before it begins to peel off.
• Areas of pigmentation may get darker before they peel off.
• Underlying pigmentation previously unnoticeable may surface to
be peeled off.
• Cracking of the top, dead layer of skin will occur day 2 – 3.
• Flaking and peeling will occur anywhere from day 3 -day 7.
What to Avoid for One Week
• Strenuous exercise or any physical activity that generates heat
• Hot water directly applied to the face
• Direct sunlight
• Exposure to extreme heat sources, such as saunas, Jacuzzis, heat lamps, heaters, steam rooms, oven, etc.
• Any manual exfoliation such as facial brushes, scrubs, washcloths etc.
• Any use of retinals, alpha hydroxy acids or beta hydroxy acid
• Swimming or submerging face under water
• Touching the face and removal of dead skin by rolling, picking or pulling
Additional Instructions
• Wait 24 hours after treatment before washing
• Wash the face with cool water using only a pumping or patting wash (no rubbing or rolling)
• Apply sunblock daily and use hats and sunglasses when possible
• If makeup must be used, only use oil free and preferably a mineral formulation
• As your skin gradually turns ov􀀲r a new layer, gentle care of the treated area is required
• Wait three days post peel treatment until re-introducing moisturizers
• Use all post peel aftercare products as directed until completely depleted
• After one week, you may continue using your regular toner and re-introduce additional serums and moisturizers that had been previously prescribed by your esthetician. You may layer these along with the (-Lester Vitamin C20 Serum and the Colorlite Plus Cream
• Call your esthetician immediately if you are experiencing anything out of the ordinary, or if you have any questions or concerns
Post Peel Aftercare Products
• Purifying Glycolic Cleanser – Foam in hands with cool water and wash face using a gentle pumping or patting motion, morning and night. Splash rinse with cool water and gently pat dry
• Rx Gel – Spritz liberally as needed to soothe and heal
• (-Lester Vitamin C20 Serum -Apply 4 -5 drops by gently patting onto face after cleansing and toning, morning and night
• Colorlite Plus cream – Begin using after day 3. Apply morning and night after cleansing, toning, and applying serum.
• EGF UV Shield -Apply minimally but thoroughly all over face and neck every morning.